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Być jak Paryżanką, nawet zimą


Biała koszula, albo t-shirt w marynarskie paski, czarne cygaretki i czerwona szminka - to sztandarowy paryski wioseny look. A co z zimą? Paryżanki przecież są zawsze stylowe. Warto więc z nich brać przykład. Choć, ponoć to nie to co mają w swojej szafie czyni je stylowymi, a to jak się zachowują😉 Ale od czegoś trzeba zacząć😉 więc równie dobrze można zacząć od garderoby. Wiele paryżanek nie wyobraża sobie zimy bez tych 5 elementów garderoby: ciepły, dobrej jakości sweter, płaszcz/futro/kożuch najlepiej w męskim stylu, błękitne jeansy, ciekawe botki na obcasie i dzianinowa sukienka. No i może jeszcze czerwona szminka i beret 😉 sztuczne futerko/faux fur Rosegal sweter/sweater Answear spódnica/ skirt Reserved rajstopy/tights zegarek/watch Jacques Lemains rękawiczki/gloves Greenpoint Fashion Jak to wszystko przemycić w warunkach polskiej zimy?   Stylowe okrycie...

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Bye Bye Autumn, hello winter….


When I was  cleaning up my  computer’s hard disk, I found my  forgotten photos. It’s not sophisticated makeover , just casual, ordinary outfit which is perfect for an autumn walk. Yes, exactly, autumn… still. And I don’t mean gloomy and rainy autumn, but this beautiful, golden Polish autumn. In the pictures you can see trees still bedecked in leaves which are turning yellow. I love this time ...

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Totally nude winter look

Fluffy, snowy carpet on the road. Trees and shrubs covered with white duvet. On the windshields are sophisticated and mysterious lacy patterns painted by well - known artist - frost. Beautifully! Of course, only if I can admire this snowy land  through the window, while I’m  sitting in front of the fireplace ,covered with soft blanket, and drinking hot cocoa or mulled wine. Then it’s sooo perfect. For me, winter could last only for a few days during the Christmas holidays and for a few days during the ski trip. It would be more than enough:). It would be a pure pleasure to spend the rest of the time in spring aura . Mmmmm I’m lost in daydreaming now … ;) Unfortunately, even that I don’t like winter it comes every year ( what...

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Checkered DORIS skirt

Tartan, Vichy, houndstooth. Just check pattern. It appears on the catwalks almost every season. The difference is in the way how we wear it. I think everybody loves check pattern including: traditionalists, aristocrats, members of the Royal Family or  even fans of punk and grunge music. This spring you can be sure that you will hear about the Vichy check, also known as Gingham. This small check was made famous by sensual B. Bardot. It will certainly appear in my spring makeovers. But don’t you think that I forgot about check pattern in winter :). I didn’t . In winter, I wear it in a more classic way. This time, it's an asymmetrical wool miniskirt. Last summer I often wore shorts that look like asymmetric skirt ( they are called...

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Winter in pastels

When you look at the makeovers on my blog you can have the impression that I am the kind of person who likes winter swimming and that I toughen up myself by running in high heels and with bare legs on a cold days. The truth is that the makeovers which I want to show you on my blog, are mostly based on clothes designed and made by me. These are mainly dresses and skirts. Of course not all  of them are suitable for rough conditions and really cold days. However, even in winter, we go out for a dinner, to the cinema or to meet with our friends, where we often go by car and  we stay in a heated room. In such situation high heels and dress are...

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