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Summer effortless

I love fashion. I could infinitely read, write, talk about it and watch fashion shows, sessions . But normally I don’t spend several tons of minutes in front of  my wardrobe wondering what to wear. You know me a bit so you know that I am definitely a fan of less is more approach and I choose proven outfits, which I have no doubt that they will work well in a particular situation. Even if it’s a simple dress for  "umpteenth" time or mix of  skinny jeans, t-shirt and jacket. It's just my style. Uwielbiam modę. Mogłabym o niej czytać, pisać, rozmawiać, oglądać pokazy, sesje w nieskończoność. Na co dzień jednak nie spędzam kilkudziesięcu minut przed szafą zastanawiając się co na siebie włożyć. Już  trochę mnie znacie, więc wiecie, że  jestem zwolenniczką...

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I like high heels, even these the highest. I think that they don’t  have to be uncomfortable, of course, if they have padded insole and flexible sole. But when I got my foot inside of espadrilles for the first time, I felt almost like I was barefoot! They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn by far. They are even more comfortable than my beloved Converse.  Coco Chanel said: "Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury". I think that's true. Comfortable shoes have a big influence, for example on our mood. For sure some of you had situations when after one hour, you were dying  to get off your uncomfortable shoes and suddenly even sale up to 90% off wasn’t a big temptation ;). Unless it was...

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Urban jungle – how to survive heat in the city?

Shorts, strap camisole vest, flip-flops – a lot of people are waiting all year to finally wear this set. Personally, despite I’m an extremely thermophilic person, I get chills from thinking of go out in that outfit. I love shorts and narrow spaghetti straps (it’s one of the strongest trends this season), I don’t mind flip-flops as well. However, combination of these elements together I associate with  gardening or beach clothes. I can’t imagine this combination in urban landscape. Completely not. Unfortunately summer season not always is just about beach, sea and drinks. So how to survive heat and don’t look like a tourist who got lost trying to find a way to the hotel from the beach ? There are several ways J. Let me be your guide ;) Szorty, bluzeczka na ramiączkach, klapki...

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