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How to Brighten Up Your Winter Look


When I think about winter (and not only) palette of colors, I automatically see neutral colors: gray, black, beige. Well, in winter these are usually darker and muted shades. I love them and I think they are timeless and elegant, but sometimes I would like to add some color and fun to my boring style. I do not always have the opportunity to get dressed in a sporty style, so whenever I have the chance to jump into a sports outfit, I do it. I know that at certain age it is not proper to wear pink, but fashion is fun and if we do not go for a job interview in such outfit, then why not to play a...

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Fuchsia flounce


With autumn just around the corner, autumn makeovers are already emerging on blogs,but you know me and you know that I want to stop summer as long as possible. My today's set is in intense fuchsia colour and I admit I love each individual part of this set. This eye- catching , flounce, dress has at least 5 years, but it still “saves” me pretty well on hot days when I want to look impressive but at the same time,I  also care about comfortable and airy outfit. Pink colour of this dress and its interesting cut are more than enough,so I gave up on adding other colours. Minimalism in accessories shouldn’t surprise anybody - I decided to wear flat sandals also in a pink colour and two beautiful...

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How to wear pink colour?


Pink colour is very controversial. Usually it’s associated with kitsch and it’s tolerated only in a wardrobe of girls under the age of 8. It’s often choose by little girls who dream of being a princess in the future or adult women who can’t stop dreaming of it .   This season, Jeremy Scott – Moschino’s creative director created collection that is inspired by plastic Barbie doll. Pink clothes and infantile plastic accessories are no longer just accessories for infantile woman , and they started to be desirable in the world of fashion. Is it true that pink colour must be cheap and childish? Is there any way to present ourselves in this colour in a noble and tasteful way? If you are curious of my tips  how to wear pink  in a "mature" way, I invite...

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