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Sugar lips + My Super Balm, Evree

evree lips

Smooth, soft and fruity  lips – I think it’s a dream of every woman :). Lip balm or protective lipstick is a product that I always have with me. During the day, I put a stick into my purse which I can use on the run. At home, I definitely prefer cosmetics which have richer consistency, so I can apply thicker layer of them on my lips. This is why, I often choose balm in the jar. Some time ago, I discovered that my lips are in a great condition when I exfoliate them regularly . Unfortunately finding the one that meets my expectations wasn’t easy at all. If it was effective, I didn’t like the form of packaging (e.g....

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Fuller lips In seconds


There are many canons of beauty. Mass media imposes a slim body, smooth skin, shiny hair and full lips. There are a few methods for lip enhancement: filling with hyaluronic acid, trace the outline of your lips with a lip pencil, lip glosses with chili extract and recently popular lip plumpers. All thanks to Kylie Jenner and  her famous tag called “Kylie Jenner challenge” on Youtube. If you don’t know this challenge then you can  find all kinds of this type of video on Youtube. One of the most famous lip plumpers is Fullips. If you are curious whether this small "stopper" is able to create full lips – I invite you to read the rest of my post. When I got Fullips to try it, I was...

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