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6 Affirmations that Boost Your Confidence and Self- Esteem


I’m not a very shy person who is afraid of her own shadow. But unfortunately, I don’t have high self – esteem and I sometimes doubt myself. Even if I learned how to play a self-confident person at work every day, unfortunately, deep inside of me , there is a person who often doubts and doesn’t fully believe in her abilities. I often heard, and I still hear "try harder", "you can do better than that ". Unfortunately, this type of sentences doesn’t motivate me at all, but they undermine my motivation and as a result, I start thinking I'm not worth anything. Such negative "affirmations" limit me at the end. By observing the surroundings I noticed that a lot...

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How to wear a maxi dress


Maxi dresses and  maxi skirts were trying  to steal my heart last year, but I decided to buy only one romantic floral dress. This year love has come back to life and I’m 100% sure that it won’t end up with just one piece of clothing.  In the queue there is already waiting another maxi skirt, which I would like to show you. And it is just the beginning of the summer season! Mysterious, ethereal, feminine - all these words perfectly describe long dresses. And there is one more word -  sexy. As we know, men like to imagine what  women  hide under their clothes. Long dresses don’t expose the body, and yet, awaken curiosity. So girls .. if you want to check the effect, don’t hesitate...

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