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Love Your Body, coffee body peel

love your body peelingi

I don’t have to introduce  coffee scrubs to anyone. I guess everyone knows that they exfoliate dead skin cells perfectly and thanks to caffeine  they fight with orange skin. For many years I have been using  such homemade scrub.  Effects were delightful  but  I have to admit that I didn’t like to run from the bath or shower to the kitchen for coffee and  mix it with other additives. I am comfort – loving person and I like when cosmetic is ready to use and additionally it  smells nice and has eye-catching packaging. Peelingów kawowych nie muszę nikomu przedstawiać. Chyba każdy już wie, że świetnie złuszczają martwy naskórek, a dzięki  zawartości kofeiny, rozprawiają się z pomarańczową skórką. Już od wielu lat...

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It’s tea o’clock …..

tea rebels

"He made green teas that tasted of warm hay and sunlight, black teas that tasted of smoke and sugar, red teas that tasted of cinnamon and blood, yellow teas that tasted of frankincense and dandelion root. He made delicate white teas that tasted of jasmine and snow. He made winter tea from the last dried leaves and twigs of the harvest, and this tasted of bread and grief. He made teas from cherry blossoms and chrysanthemum petals, rose and lotus, orange peel and magnolia. Some of these tasted light and sweet, like clouds drifting from the sun; others tasted spicy and dark, like thick cakes. His most famous tea, which none had yet been able to afford, was brewed from...

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