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My ways how to survive fall


In fall I hate cold, wind, rain and the fact that days are so short that I barely finish my work and it is already dark. It is true. But how is it that I adore these warm shades of yellow, dark red, brown leaves, the sound of leaves crunching under my feet. I love watching the rain through the window, I love warming up touch of  sweaters and woolen shawls. That's also true.   Nienawidzę tej zimnej pluchy, wiatru, deszczu, tego, że dzień jest tak krótki, że ledwie kończę pracę, a już jest ciemno. To prawda. Ale jak to ma się do tego, że  uwielbiam te ciepłe odcienie pożółkłych, ciemnoczerwonych, brunatnych liści, ich szelest pod butami. Uwielbiam patrzeć jak za oknem pada deszcz,...

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Hello September!

ralph lauren

“As Nature turns to autumn, it becomes autumn within me and around me” Johann Wolfgang von Goeth, “The Sorrows of Young Werther”   Przyrodę ogarnia jesień i jesiennie robi się we mnie i wokół mnie. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, „Cierpienia młodego Wertera” Good morning in September! Although I graduated a long time ago and I usually don’t take holiday in July or August but I always associate September with end of summer, summer holidays and summer idylle. But it doesn’t make me sad at all. I like the period of transition between summer and fall. This period is like door to fall season, prelude to nostalgic, rainy evenings, which have a lot of charm. Dzień dobry we wrześniu! Mimo, że już dawno skończyłam szkołę, a mój urlop przypada zwykle w...

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6 Style Tips On How To Wear Blanket Scarves


Scarves and blanket scarves started to show up in the shops in early autumn. Blanket scarf is simply a giant version of a scarf ,which is so big that can be used as a blanket. They’re warm, cosy, comfortable and wonderful, and it’s one of my favourite trends of the fall and winter season this year. I already have several of them, and I love using them as shawls, makeshift ponchos and capes, and yes, even a blankets. But despite how versatile they are, blanket scarves can be a real style challenge. How  should  you wear so much fabric ? and how to wrap blanket scarf around your neck? If you are looking for some ideas on how to wear the...

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Sweater weather


One of the reasons  why I like autumn is the fact that I can  wear warm sweaters. I think it's one of the most malleable  clothes. As far  as dresses are usually quite specific and they impose us a particular style of accessories that fit to them,  sweaters have infinite possibilities which depend on what we combine them with. Sweater in my today's makeover I have already worn in several ways, and I think I still can create some more outfits with it. Jednym z powodów dla których lubię jesień jest możliwość noszenia ciepłych swetrów. Uważam, że to jedne z najbardziej plastycznych ubrań. O ile sukienki są zazwyczaj dość mocno określone i narzucają nam konkretny styl dodatków, które do nich pasują, o tyle swetry dają nieskończone możliwości, w...

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My cosy autumn essentials


In my last post I wrote you about how to stop summer as long as possible, but everything looks like we don’t have a choice and we really have to accept the fact that autumn is coming with its long evenings which  we can turn from cloudy and cold into delightful ,cosy and magical.To create a cosy atmosphere we will certainly need a few gadgets ...

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