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My beauty plans for fall

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Fall is the perfect time to take care of yourself. Evenings are long and arctic chill doesn’t encourage to get out of the house like in the summer. In addition, lack of sunlight allows you to perform cosmetic skin treatments, which are inadvisable in the summer . For me, this period is an ideal time for catching up on reading books and for intense face and body care. After summer,  my skin and hair are a little bit overdry and require increased attention. I want to tell you what beauty plans I‘m going to implement this fall, which treatments I recommend you in a beauty salon, and what treatments I’m planning :) Jesień to idealny czas na to, aby zadbać o...

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Perfectionism – how to overcome it ?

"My biggest weakness? Oh, I'm a perfectionist - I put a lot of effort into refining every little detail. It can be disadvantage at work ". Do you know, it's one of the most common answers on “What are your weaknesses?" question in a job interview. This is the advantage remoulded into a disadvantage. It always sounds better than admitting that you are inaccurate, late-comer or lazy! If you say that in a job interview because it's a "good answer" then it’s not so bad. Worse, if you are a perfectionist. It makes my life a misery. Especially since I’ve started leading the blog. I couldn’t publish a post because I was focused on each detail , I wanted  button...

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One simple rule how to declutter your mind

yoins sweater

Sometimes the amount of information makes me feel like my head is going to explode. I focus on trifles, I notice "everything" and then accumulation of these little things makes that I can’t  focus on something productive, because there is a mess in my mind , chaos and millions of small unimportant thoughts are in my head. You can go crazy;) Or have concentration problems ;) How to get rid of it? Katrina Mayer said : “Clutter isn’t just in your home, attic, garage or office. Clutter’s also in your mind and distracts you from doing the amazing things you’re meant to do”. Well, hard not to agree :). Czasami ilość informacji, która do mnie dociera sprawia, że moja głowa omal...

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Fall is coming! A few things which help me survive fall: cardigan


End of summer really pampered us. But I have no illusions -  last days showed that warm days are gone for good. I don’t like cold weather, but there is something magical in fall, something that I don’t despair when it’s time to say goodbye to warm weather. Why? Here are few reasons why I can’t wait for fall: Sweaters – is there anyone who doesn’t like sweaters? Turtlenecks, sweater dresses, off shoulder sweaters, fluffy sweaters, sweaters with braids, bright sweaters like autumn leaves, cardigans –all of them are beautiful ! I must admit, that I like buying sweaters and dresses the most. Today I want to show you sweater from the store, which got me in the autumn mood...

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Bye Bye Autumn, hello winter….


When I was  cleaning up my  computer’s hard disk, I found my  forgotten photos. It’s not sophisticated makeover , just casual, ordinary outfit which is perfect for an autumn walk. Yes, exactly, autumn… still. And I don’t mean gloomy and rainy autumn, but this beautiful, golden Polish autumn. In the pictures you can see trees still bedecked in leaves which are turning yellow. I love this time ...

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Upside down. Do you have something of a freak? ;)


Is there something you know you do differently than others? E.g. to slice bread from right to the left , not from left to the right? I  do that. My friends are surprised when they see that. It’s probably because I’m left-handed. My friend peels banana from the bottom ,not from the top (Greetings to Joanna!),which is extremely strange for me. My other friend when she is eating Delicje  ( cakes similar to Jaffa Cakes ,which you probably know better)  she only eats a sponge and she doesn’t eat jelly part, which amazes me, because I start with jelly part  and I don’t eat a sponge. What quirks do you have? Or maybe you know some "freaks"? ;). Don’t be afraid to confess me your quirks because someone once said:...

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Beige dress


 The very thought of beige makes a lot of people feel sick, others say that this is the most boring colour in the world the best for mouseburgers and some people’s eyes begin to shine with excitement. I belong to the third group;) .As for me, beige connotes sensuality  maybe because it evokes the colour of bare skin ..? Wiele osób na myśl o kolorze beżowym dostaje mdłości, inne wzdrygają się , że to najnudniejszy kolor zarezerwowany dla szarych myszek, niektórym oczy zaczynają błyszczeć z podniecenia. Ja należę do tej trzeciej grupy;) Beż kojarzy mi się ze zmysłowością, być może dlatego, że przywodzi na myśl kolor nagiej skóry..? I’m extremely pleased that in many  autumn – winter fashion shows a total beige look was promoted. For sure it isn’t a discovery,...

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Bye bye summer


"I love this floral pattern" – These words came to my mind when I was looking at the dress made of delicate silk fabric. Well, I had a chance to wear it only once this year. Unfortunately, summer ended too quickly for me. I’m sad that I had to put off this summer dress on a pile of thin clothes and I started to sort the rest of my wardrobe. Uwielbiam ten kwiatowy wzór – pomyślałam przyglądając się delikatnej jedwabnej tkaninie z której wykonana była sukienka. Hm, w tym roku miałam ją na sobie tylko jeden raz. Niestety lato skończyło się dla mnie zbyt szybko. Z żalem odłożyłam letnią sukienkę na stertę cienkich ubrań i zabrałam się za sortowanie reszty garderoby. I delayed the moment of packing away...

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My cosy autumn essentials


In my last post I wrote you about how to stop summer as long as possible, but everything looks like we don’t have a choice and we really have to accept the fact that autumn is coming with its long evenings which  we can turn from cloudy and cold into delightful ,cosy and magical.To create a cosy atmosphere we will certainly need a few gadgets ...

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