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Black Friday !


Are you waiting for Black Friday sales? I can't wait to get home, make delicious cocoa in my favourite mug and lose myself in online sales . I hate going shopping but online shopping is a totally different situation:) Czekacie na wyprzedaże Black Friday? Ja już nie mogę się doczekać aż wrócę dziś z pracy do domu, przygotuję sobie pyszne kakao w ulubionym kubku i kiedy zniknę w czeluściach internetowych obniżek. Nie znoszę robić zakupów stacjonarnie, ale zakupy w sieci to zupełnie coś innego :) koszula/ shirt CLICK marynarka/ jacket ZARA jeansy/ jeans GirlJ buty/shoes Dorothy Perkins torebka/clutch z szafy mamy/from my mother's wardrobe Daniel Wellington I’m going to choose something at Zalando KLIK  - I love this shop because it offers huge selection of clothes...

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Would you still like me if I had nothing ?

bon prix

Today's bad weather, rain,  runny nose and bad cough are the reasons why I decided to stay at home under warm blanket and drink tea with honey and grandma’s  raspberry juice  and  take medicines which I have at home.In the worst case I will wrap up in down jacket and crawl to the doctor. This vision motivated me to take one more sip of hot tea, because it reminded me of the situation which I had last year. Dzisiejsza plucha, deszcz siąpiący od samego rana, podobnie jak katar z mojego nosa i coraz dłuższe ataki kaszlu sprawiły, że zaczęłam rozważać pozostanie w domu pod ciepłym kocem i wlewanie w siebie na zmianę słodkiej jak ulepek herbaty doprawionej miodem i babcinym sokiem...

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Sporty chic: how to wear sports clothes in elegant way


Sporty elegance is probably the most versatile and the safest style .It looks good in the office during the day and in the campus, or even on a weekend trip. In THIS post I showed you how to make ordinary set of jeans, white t-shirt and jacket looks more elegant and stylish. Sometimes, however, the situation requires more sporty outfit, e.g. when we will have all-day marathon or go shopping;) ( or when you want to look good in a short time :)). We can wear comfortable trainers and track suit, but this combination we should better leave for a lazy day at home or jogging, but not necessarily when you want to run around town doing errands. Today I decided to show you more "easy going" sporty elegance.   Sportowa elegancja...

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