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Nonchalance – breaking the rules with style

Nonchalance - apparent carelessness, which gives you the impression that you do things without any effort. In Italian - sprezzatura - general term referring to areas such as art, music, fashion. It means freedom, naturalness, nonchalance. Simply - consciously breaking with generally accepted rules. As a result, the whole outfit looks very light, easy and natural. Nonszalancja – pozorna niedbałość, która ma na celu wywołanie wrażenia, że robi się coś bez najmniejszego wysiłku. Po włosku sprezzatura – bardzo szeroki termin odnoszący się do takich dziedzin jak sztuka, muzyka, moda. Oznacza swobodę, naturalność, nonszalancję. Mówiąc prosto – to świadome łamanie ogólnie przyjętych zasad. W efekcie całość prezentuje się niezwykle swobodnie, lekko i naturalnie. I really appreciate classic elegance and I feel good in...

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Little bit of nonchalance

To tell you the truth, I have never shared a principle that fashion is what we wear, a particular clothing, brand, but rather the way how we wear or combine clothes. Probably that’s the reason why I saw in Paris so many fashionable women although that they didn’t follow the latest fashion trends . In my opinion of course. Besides, Paris is famous for its everlasting style and unforced chic: coats thrown over the shoulder, big black sunglasses, white shirts that look like from male’s wardrobe.  Prawdę mówiąc nigdy wyznawałam zasady, że modne jest to co nosimy, konkretny ciuch, dana marka, a raczej sposób w który nosimy czy łączymy ubrania. Pewnie dlatego będąc w Paryżu stale widziałam kobiety, które wyglądały moim zdaniem na bardzo modne, mimo iż nie miały na sobie...

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Denim on denim

My wardrobe is dominated by skinny leg trousers except for one pair of my boyfriend jeans. These trousers that you see today are the exception because they have flare leg. This fall, fashion scene is dominated by the‘70s and thereby bell bottoms trousers. For several seasons trousers with wide leg are shyly trying to get back on track again, but skinny jeans are still the leader  in this race. Experience and observation of myself and other women taught me that to avoid distortion of our silhouette and to look good in bell bottoms trousers, you should remember about two rules:  1) trousers should be with high - waist and should have long trousers legs. That allows us optically lengthen our legs. 2) Wear them with high heels or wedge sandals. These 2 simple...

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