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My positive morning rituals and why you also need them in your life

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Each of you wish to have mornings run smoothly and nice.  Like in TV commercials - rays of the sun wake you up and you get up with an angelic smile and beautiful hair and of course radiant complexion. Additionally, your alarm clock sounds like angels singing. However, the reality is totally different and instead of enjoying your croissant and  Chris Botti music, usually you are sleepy and you try to find matching socks and you run from one room to another wondering what to do with your messy hair. You can forget about you breakfast because you don’t have time for that. At most, you can drink coffee in a hurry at the gas station ...

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7 easy ways how to make more time for yourself

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Many of my friends often ask me : "how do you find time for all your tasks?". The answer is simple: I have great organizational skills;). Besides, the truth is that I simply don’t do "everything". I do what is important to me , and I skip the tasks which I don’t need ,to be happy. If you have a lot of tasks to do, or you want  to do a lot then you need to learn how to plan and prioritize the work. My day can't be spontaneous because I wouldn’t be able to accommodate paid employment, my own business and frequent publishing on my blog. Believe me blogging, posting, cooperating with companies, photo processing really takes a lot...

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Bride Guide,Part I. 7 hot trends in weeding fashion via Cocomelody.


Hello my Dear readers. Welcome to my new series of posts! Several of you asked me about my wedding, preparations for this event and if I’m going to describe it on my blog. The probability that I will describe it on the blog is low ( it is possible that some "snapshots" will appear on my  Instagram;)). Instead of that I have something better for you and certainly more useful –I’m going to publish a few posts where you can find some tips that I hope will be helpful for future brides. First part is about wedding trends. For many of you wedding dress is associated with white ball-gown, but even if you want to stay with the tradition, you...

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5 Benefits of Going Offline for one Day (and how to unplug)

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During last long weekend, I realized how good it is to take a break from computer, internet and  phone for one or two days. Simply- digital detox;) Of course, I wanted to work during those  few days off, but I decided to leave my laptop at home, and I took only iPad with me, because  I wanted to prepare some posts for the next days. But spending time with my fiancé , totally offline, outside, sipping coffee on the terrace, listening to the birds singing was a bigger pleasure  than sipping coffee and sitting with my phone or laptop. So for 5 days, I took little detox from technology;) At first it wasn’t easy, but on the second day I...

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8 benefits of swimming


Swimming is probably one of the most enjoyable ways to lose weight and to take care of your body and constitution. In addition, you can swim all year round, whatever the weather . What's more, not only does swimming care about your weight, but also about your beauty:)  Some time ago on my blog  I wrote you about my diet (here you can find the post about the OXY diet), and you have been asking me a lot of questions lately  about my physical activity. Besides exercises at home, I try to swim  2-3 times a week. Why do I like swimming so much? I'm going to present you 8 benefits of  swimming;) Pływanie to chyba jeden z najprzyjemniejszych sposobów na...

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Why It’s Okay To Fail And How To Learn From It


Nobody's perfect. When you stumble, the best thing that you can do is to pick yourself up and get back on the track. It’s normal that you make mistakes and that you have problems in achieving your goals, but it’s important to learn from your mistakes and be on the rise thanks to your failure . I learned for example that clothes from the store Romwe are nice, but quite short and I should pay more attention to the size chart. Photos from today's post are a proof . Of course, this isn’t my only failure;) I’m not going to tell you about all of  them .I’ll tell you only about one that was the most painful and which came...

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Karma. What goes around comes around


When I was a child I read fairy tales where good fights evil, and I believed that, just as in  fairy tales where good princess wins the prince, castle and the sympathy of the people, just as in life - good people will be rewarded.  Bad people shared the same or similar fate as villains from fairy tales - loneliness, ugliness or eternal suffering. So when my teenage neighbour maliciously stubbed out his cigarette on my knee, I was so embittered by his vice, that I wished him all the worst. Of course, I was hoping that he will experience terrible  tragedy similar to mine, you know,  he will smash his bike, his favourite teddy will lose an eye (I...

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