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Be.Loved – „take the day off”. OCM (OilCleansing Method)

OCM be.loved

Hey! I'm sure that you have already heard about OCM method. Oil cleansing method (OCM) is a system for facial cleaning using a blend of natural oils. The method is based on the chemical concept - “like dissolves like”. It means oil (in this case  mix of oils) dissolves oil ( our sebum). OCM method has recently got many fans (partly thanks to a great book "Korean Beauty Secrets ") because it is  a natural and effective, and in addition it has skin nourishing properties. Of course, there are many admirers of this method but there are also many opponents of it. Most often this is due to the lack of adequate knowledge how to use OCM method and wrong...

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6 tips how to feel and look amazing when you feel far from it


No matter if you had sleepless night because you were reading an interesting book, or you caught a flu or you drank too much and girls' night out ended up costing you a hangover, or maybe you politely went to bed after bedtime story, but there are such mornings when you just feel terrible and you would be perfect hopeless queen.  I don’t know why, but such mornings happen to me when I  want to look great. But I have my ways to look great, even when my reflection in the mirror screams that I should stay under my blanket and eat ice creams and watch my favorite TV series. If you also have such days then trust my tips –...

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How to pamper yourself on Women’s Day


As a hedonist I love celebrating and I believe that any occasion is good to celebrate. Undoubtedly, such day is Women's Day. This day is probably known to all Poles. Many of them think that it is a typical Polish festival, derived from our country and celebrated only in Poland. Nothing could be further from the truth! Women's Day is celebrated in many countries around the world and it has its origins in 1910. It can be assumed that Matronalia celebrated in ancient Rome was archetype for Women’s Day. It was a public holiday celebrated on the first week of March. The date of the festival was associated with the beginning of the year, motherhood and fertility. On the occasion...

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Natural make up with Felicea

felicea kosmetyki

Lubcie naturalne kosmetyki do makijażu? Jeśli tak, to dziś mam coś co na pewno Wam się spodoba –tutorial bardzo prostego makijażu wykonanego kosmetykami polskiej marki, Felicea, która stawia na naturę. Wszystkie produkty marki Felicea są bezglutenowe, dodatkowo kosmetyki prasowane są wegańskie. W chwili obecnej marka posiada w portfolio 52 produkty wytworzone z naturalnych składników oraz mineralnych pigmentów, bez parabenów.  Już kiedyś pokazywałam Wam makijaż wykonany tymi kosmetykami. Możesz go zobaczyć TUTAJ. Niedawno marka obchodziła swoje urodzin, i także z tej okazji przygotowała kilka nowości kosmetycznych. Ja najbardziej ucieszyłam się widząc, że firma rozszerzyła ofertę o  kosmetyki w formie prasowanej. Jeśli chodzi o wygląd, konsystencję, pigmentację, to niczym nie różnią się od tradycyjnych „drogeryjnych” kosmetyków. Jednak ich skład, a co za...

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Modern Cinderella


I think if Cinderella had ball in 2017 then she would certainly wear crystallized fishnet tights (fishnet tights are available HERE) instead of glass high heels. I think that modern princess wouldn’t choose  long, ballroom dress with tulle and lace but she would choose  something more versatile, or simply little black dress;) I wonder if only fashion trends have changed since Brothers Grimm's Cinderella or the concept of  princess has also evolved ? Would Cinderella still be gentle and fragile young lady today who dutifully carries out the orders or would she be militant feminist who fights for her rights? Myślę, że gdyby Kopciuszek wybierał się na bal w 2017 zamiast szklanych pantofelków, na pewno miałby kabaretki zdobione na całej...

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Kissable lips – Tisane

tissane balsam do ust

Long and cold winter is not good for your beauty. Not to mention that several layers of clothing and down coats change you into Michelin puppet, even girls who have size of Victoria's Secret models. In addition, low temperatures dry out your hand and face skin and cause chapped lips. I've been a long-time fan of matte lipsticks, which unfortunately don’t moisturize lips like for example lip glosses or creamy lipsticks. When most lotions and lipsticks stopped working, I reminded myself about lip care products that I discovered at the end of the summer, and which works very well in my case . I mean Tisane Fresh lip balm and lip peeling - Crystal Scrub , also by Tisane. I...

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The only 5 Easy Style Rules For 2017 (and for the rest of your life;))


When I started blogging I thought that it will enrich my style and I will be more creative and open to new trends. And yes, my creativity has greatly increased,I’m also open to new trends, but in a completely different perspective than I expected. I thought that thanks to presenting various outfits my style will be more diverse and interesting. At present, I think my style has evolved but in a completely different direction. Thanks to various sets, which I showed you on my blog, I learned which cuts flatter me, and I developed a simple system thanks to which I "don’t err" (or it rarely happens to me;)). Of course, I haven’t  achieved the goal yet, it’s a long...

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SAYEN – Linia intensywnie nawilżająca


Dzisiaj podzielę się z Wami recenzją zabiegu profesjonalnego Sayen. Jakiś czas temu poznałam polską markę SAYEN i bardzo polubiłam jej kosmetyki – testowałam produkty do ciała TU (peeling nie ma sobie równych), oraz  kurację odmładzającą TU. Zadowolona z działania kuracji, postanowiłam ponowić zabieg, z tym , że tym razem zdecydowałam się na linię nawilżającą. Today, I’m going to share with you a review of professional treatment by Sayen. Some time ago, I discovered Polish brand Sayen and I liked their cosmetics very much - I tested body products HERE (peeling is perfect), and anti-aging line HERE. I was satisfied with the action so I decided to use the treatment again , but this time moisturizing line.  SKIN PREPARATION Triple-Acid Amphoteric Peeling (3x10ml)...

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black deezee

Today I’ve read an interesting article written by prof. Gwiazdowski where he said, "protecting your hit yours." Article concerns the economy, but I think you can implement it to other issues. Do you remember the post where I confessed you that I avoid many situations because I’m afraid to fail? Such strenuous efforts to protect yourself or others (e.g. children / partner) is not good for you and it stops developing yourself. Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone. If you feel too comfortable in a relationship then passion expires and boredom appears. When your work gives you a sense of comfort then you start to feel bored. When you are getting too comfortable with life (I...

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