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Bielenda Highlight & Contour

How to rejuvenate your face in 3 seconds? It's very simple - just a bit of glow on the top of the cheekbones, eyebrows, over the lips, touch of pink shade on the cheeks and next give the skin a bit of color thanks to which your skin looks like sun kissed skin . This effect is very easy to achieve thanks to the Bielenda HIGHLIGHT & CONTOUR face trio. These are three liquid cosmetics (in the colors : Peach, Pink, Bronze), with which we can light up, highlight, cover, enlarge or make slimmer the individual parts of your face (and body;)). Jak odmłodzić buzię w 3 sekundy? To bardzo proste - wystarczy odrobina blasku na szczytach kości policzkowych, na łukach brwiowych,...

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