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Bodetko lash – simple way to have long lashes.

Can you imagine more beautiful eye decoration than curtain of eyelashes? For me beautiful, long and thick lashes are the basis of any makeup. Shelves in drugstores are full of  lengthening mascaras, thickening mascaras, curling mascaras and all in one mascaras. We also have the possibility to stick clumps of false eyelashes or to apply false full strip eyelashes or to extend the lashes using 1: 1, 2: 1, 3D or blink methods which lately are  almost as popular as  eyebrow regulation or manicure. I decided for eyelash extensions in beauty salon and I was delighted with the results ( I recommend Patrycja from the Madeleine Beauty Salon in Wroclaw). But I admit that it isn’t the perfect solution for me. I wish I could have naturally  long...

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