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What to Wear When You Have Nothing to Wear


I proudly admit that I rarely say: I have nothing to wear. Interesting is the fact that it coincided in time with the situation when I had a big wardrobe clear – out and I got rid of a ton of clothes. But from time to time I suffer from lack of creativity when it comes to clothes and what to wear. And  then I always choose  comfortable ,knit dresses. This is my must have for each season. I love the fact that such knit dresses don’t hinder my movements, and like no other outfit they  emphasize female figure, and they are easy to styling. I also give them a huge plus for being so universal. They look great in...

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Summer effortless


I love fashion. I could infinitely read, write, talk about it and watch fashion shows, sessions . But normally I don’t spend several tons of minutes in front of  my wardrobe wondering what to wear. You know me a bit so you know that I am definitely a fan of less is more approach and I choose proven outfits, which I have no doubt that they will work well in a particular situation. Even if it’s a simple dress for  "umpteenth" time or mix of  skinny jeans, t-shirt and jacket. It's just my style. Uwielbiam modę. Mogłabym o niej czytać, pisać, rozmawiać, oglądać pokazy, sesje w nieskończoność. Na co dzień jednak nie spędzam kilkudziesięcu minut przed szafą zastanawiając się co na siebie włożyć. Już  trochę mnie znacie, więc wiecie, że  jestem zwolenniczką...

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