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Dermalogica – my daily skin care


There are some cosmetic brands that tempt us and inspire trust even though we didn't try any sample. Such situation was with Dermalogica brand, which I discovered many years ago. My face skin looked like volcanic crater in the eruption phase, or like a battlefield, so I was looking for different ways to restore its smoothness. I remember that in some woman's magazine I found a note about face care of Victoria Beckham, who only uses preparations by Dermalogica brand. If even Victoria deals with acne and blackheads with help of these cosmetics, they definitely must be great. Unfortunately, Dermalogica brand was difficult to get in Poland at that time, so I gave up and fought with my complexion problems...

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Sugar lips + My Super Balm, Evree

evree lips

Smooth, soft and fruity  lips – I think it’s a dream of every woman :). Lip balm or protective lipstick is a product that I always have with me. During the day, I put a stick into my purse which I can use on the run. At home, I definitely prefer cosmetics which have richer consistency, so I can apply thicker layer of them on my lips. This is why, I often choose balm in the jar. Some time ago, I discovered that my lips are in a great condition when I exfoliate them regularly . Unfortunately finding the one that meets my expectations wasn’t easy at all. If it was effective, I didn’t like the form of packaging (e.g....

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Body Bomb by Evree!

evree multioils bomb

Dzisiejszy wpis będzie bombowy! Pokażę Wam dwa wystrzałowe kosmetyki do pielęgnacji ciała marki Evree: peeling solno-cukrowy oraz olejek do ciała. Oszalałam na ich punkcie już po pierwszym użyciu! Produkty te spełniają wszystkie moje kryteria kosmetyków idealny: obłędnie pachną, doskonale działają i są ogólnodostępne i w przystępnej cenie. Minusem może być niska wydajność, ale myślę, że jest to raczej spowodowane, że używam ich obsesyjnie i stąd tak szybko znikają;) Today's post is bombing! I want to  show you two great body care products  by Evree: salt- sugar body scrub and body oil. I’m crazy about them from the first use! These products meet all my requirements of perfect body cosmetics: beautiful scent,  great action, they are available in drugstores and they are...

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It's true that it’s the end of bikini season, but our body should be in a great shape not only during three months of summer . Besides, regular taking care of the body and silhouette will guarantee you lack of panic when you will have to wear a swimsuit or when suddenly we will find a last minute offer to go to warm countries in the middle of cold and autumnal period. You know that even the best cosmetics can't replace a balanced diet and they don't burn extra kilos, but good products and regularity of their use will definitely help us in a fight against cellulite and maintain skin firmness. Good cosmetics are not enough to get satisfactory effect. Additionally remember about regular massages with a brush, sponge or massager...

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BE organic. Be you. Why you should exfliate your skin?


Złuszczanie to podstawa mojej pielęgnacji. Nic tak nie rozświetla, napina i dodaje blasku cerze jak dobry peeling. Uwielbiam je wszystkie: enzymatyczne, gruboziarniste, drobnoziarniste, scruby, gommage, chemiczne…. Exfoliation is my basic skincare. There is nothing better than a great peeling. It really brightens, tightens my skin and adds glow. I love them all: enzymatic, scratchy, fine, scrubs, gommage, chemical ...

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