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Thank you from the bottom of my heart

calvin klein jeans

Dzień dobry Kochani! Dzisiejszy post to taki szybki wpis, w którym chciałabym Wam serdecznie podziękować za te wszystkie miłe słowa i życzenia w poście z okazji 3-cich urodzin mojego bloga :) Good morning my Dears! Today's post is a fast and short post in which I would like to thank all of you for kind words and wishes in the post on the occasion of the 3rd birthday of my blog :) Bardzo dziękuję Wam za wypełnienie ankiety, Wasze uwagi i ogrom ciepłych słów zarówno pod postem, jak i w ankiecie czy wiadomościach na Facebooku. Wiele to dla mnie znaczy. Doceniam Wasz poświęcony czas i zaangażowanie, i mogę Was zapewnić, że postaram się wprowadzić zmiany jakie zaznaczyliście w Waszych odpowiedziach,...

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How to change your look without buying new clothes

girl Jeans

New season - new trends! So it’s time to  exchange contents of your wardrobe. But is it really necessary? Personally, I'm not a fan of getting rid of all contents of wardrobe  every season and replacing them with new clothes. As I prefer classic style,  I usually wear timeless pieces so it’s hard to call them "trendy". Nevertheless, I like to look "up-to date" and therefore I’m trying modify my old and proven sets so as not to have the feeling that I still wear the same clothes. Nowy sezon – nowe trendy! A więc  i wymiana zawartości garderoby. Czy na pewno jest to konieczne? Osobiście nie jestem zwolenniczką pozbywania się co sezon całej zawartości szafy i wymieniania jej na nową....

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Denim on denim


My wardrobe is dominated by skinny leg trousers except for one pair of my boyfriend jeans. These trousers that you see today are the exception because they have flare leg. This fall, fashion scene is dominated by the‘70s and thereby bell bottoms trousers. For several seasons trousers with wide leg are shyly trying to get back on track again, but skinny jeans are still the leader  in this race. Experience and observation of myself and other women taught me that to avoid distortion of our silhouette and to look good in bell bottoms trousers, you should remember about two rules:  1) trousers should be with high - waist and should have long trousers legs. That allows us optically lengthen our legs. 2) Wear them with high heels or wedge sandals. These 2 simple...

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Burgundy jacket


Another makeover without dress - suspicious? Not at all. It’s all because of the rainy weather (even though personally rain doesn’t deter me from wearing dresses). I might never have decided  to show you that not really sophisticated set, but for the jacket which I designed in autumn. The same jacket but in grey colour I showed you on the occasion of this (click) and this (click) makeover. In this burgundy jacket I  decided to use golden zips instead of silver zips. I think they are more suitable for that colour. This small detail gives a different look to the jacket. Well ...

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