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I was finishing my chicken salad and drinking green smoothie with my nose stuck in a criminal novel written by  C. Lackberg. Suddenly, I heard voices and laughter of women sitting at the table next to me. They probably work in a neighboring office building, because I see them regularly at lunch time. "- Ana, you are again with that lunch box? Just don’t change yourself into Chodakowska (Polish fitness guru), because you’ll have face like a horse "- one of the women giggled maliciously. Ana with the box hunched and explained nervously - "me as  Chodakowska ?,  I just want to lose 5 kg ...

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Borrowed from the boys closet


I'm not a feminist. I've never been one. I will probably never be in the future. Why? Because I think I don’t need to fight for women's rights. And above all,  I don’t think that we, women, have less rights. Maybe now, I will have to face a barrage of criticism from feminists, but I think that women aren’t in a bad situation. Moreover, I think  we are more privileged;) On my blog I don’t deal with political or social issues, so I will not be digging further into this topic. This short entry is only to  show that while in everyday life there are two camps where is discussed who is discriminated (if  anybody is ;))/ is there a...

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Figurativeness. Uncovered shoulders


Off-the-shoulder blouses, dresses, sweaters is a trend which survived last summer. Autumn and winter was full of off-the-shoulder sweaters and dresses and apparently they will appear this spring as well. Anyway, bare shoulders are nothing new in fashion, this type of cuts have already appeared in the eighteenth century. Bluzki, sukienki, swetry z odkrytymi ramionami to  trend, który przetrwał ubiegłe lato, widoczny  był jesienią i zimą na swetrach i sukienkach opuszczanych na ramiona i najwyraźniej tej wiosny także z nami pozostanie.  Zresztą, odkryte ramiona nie są niczym nowym w modzie, tego typu fasony pojawiały się już w XVIII wieku. sukienka odsłaniająca ramiona / dress TU koszula jeansowa/ jeans shirt Wrangler (z szafy narzeczonego;)) TU czapka/ cap KAMEA trampki/ sneakers Converse TU torebka/bag Michael Kors TU naszyjnik...

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Super Casual – my way of wearing casual dress


When some time ago, I’ve published my post with a very casual outfit I didn’t expect it will  meet with your approval. Moreover, this particular set was even one of the best weekly outfits on Stylowa Polka website.  Once again confirms the principle: Simple is the Best;) Your comments encouraged me to show you my another super casual set. Dress from my today's post has already been on my blog  but in the role of ...

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Quick and easy – 5 minutes outfit guide + giveaway


Getting dressed in the morning seems like such a basic task, you do it automatically, like brushing your teeth, but often it’s one of the most annoying parts of a woman’s mornings (or evenings if you prepare clothes the night before). All women have something in common, namely the slogan: "I have nothing to wear." Luckily, choosing your outfit in the morning doesn’t have to be so complicated or frustrating. You have repeatedly asked me for casual makeovers, which are perfect as everyday outfit - so my today's makeover is totally casual, easy outfit - black sweater, comfortable shoes, immortal Ramones leather jacket and beanie;) (Attention - for those of you who are perseverant, at the end of my post...

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