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Fall is coming! A few things which help me survive fall: cardigan


End of summer really pampered us. But I have no illusions -  last days showed that warm days are gone for good. I don’t like cold weather, but there is something magical in fall, something that I don’t despair when it’s time to say goodbye to warm weather. Why? Here are few reasons why I can’t wait for fall: Sweaters – is there anyone who doesn’t like sweaters? Turtlenecks, sweater dresses, off shoulder sweaters, fluffy sweaters, sweaters with braids, bright sweaters like autumn leaves, cardigans –all of them are beautiful ! I must admit, that I like buying sweaters and dresses the most. Today I want to show you sweater from the store, which got me in the autumn mood...

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I was finishing my chicken salad and drinking green smoothie with my nose stuck in a criminal novel written by  C. Lackberg. Suddenly, I heard voices and laughter of women sitting at the table next to me. They probably work in a neighboring office building, because I see them regularly at lunch time. "- Ana, you are again with that lunch box? Just don’t change yourself into Chodakowska (Polish fitness guru), because you’ll have face like a horse "- one of the women giggled maliciously. Ana with the box hunched and explained nervously - "me as  Chodakowska ?,  I just want to lose 5 kg ...

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Do you know what phrase connects women around the world? "I have nothing to wear";) You have more and more new clothes in your closet every season but you still have the same problem: what to wear? One way that helps me with this morning dilemma is to prepare  clothes night before. This method saves a lot of my time in the morning and allows me to drink my morning coffee or read a short chapter in the book. Sometimes, however, I have unexpected meeting or I have a problem with choosing clothes for the next day so to avoid leaving home in pajamas or tracksuit, I reach for my save "uniform" -  white blouse and jeans! Depending on accessories...

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The most essential is invisible to the eye – bridal lingerie


Choosing the right dress is one of the most important things for a woman who is planning a wedding. Viewing photos on the Internet, visiting local (or further) bridal showrooms, trying on hundreds of wedding dresses. It's definitely one of the most important elements in a wedding preparations. When you are planning an expedition to search the perfect wedding dress there’s one more element you should consider - wedding lingerie. One thing is certain - it shouldn’t be seen by anybody apart from your newlywed husband. For sure he will quickly take it off ..;) But keep it as your secret;) Lingerie and hosiery brands have a wide range of possibilities and a lot of ideas to meet customer expectations...

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How to effectively motivate yourself to physical activity?

bomber jacket

Physical activity is often associated with a duty. One thing is sure - we all need motivation, whether it comes to diet or physical activity. Each of us is motivated by something else. Sport is a lot of fun for me. And that is why today I want to tell you about my motivators thanks to which I get offmy comfortable couch and move:) Aktywność fizyczna często kojarzy się z przykrym obowiązkiem. Jedno jest pewne – każdy z nas potrzebuje motywacji, czy to chodzi o motywację do trzymania diety czy o aktywność fizyczną. Każdego z nas motywuje jednak coś innego.  Osobiście sport daje mi dużo frajdy. I dlatego dzisiaj opowiem Wam o moich motywatorach do ruszenia tyłka z wygodnego fotela i...

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