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Summer is here! 8 reasons why life is easier in the summer


Do you also feel that everything comes easier during the summer? From such trivial things like mornings, which in the summer are not as heavy as winter, more beautiful skin, and ending on healthy diet. It's true that the cooler seasons also have their charm, but for me summer is the best !! Below you can find some of my reasons why life is easier in the summer: Czy Wy także  macie wrażenie, że latem wszystko przychodzi łatwiej? Poczynając od tak błahych rzeczy jak poranki, które latem wcale nie są tak ciężkie jak zimą, przez piękniejszą  skórę, a na zdrowszej diecie kończąc. To prawda, że chłodniejsze pory roku też mają swoje uroki, ale dla mnie lato rządzi! Kilka moich powodów dlaczego uważam, że...

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Misie na zdrowe włosy, Noble Health

misie na zdrowe włosy noble health

Na mojej drodze do pięknych włosów sięgałam już po różne specyfiki – oprócz klasycznych produktów pielęgnacyjnych jak maski i odżywki, olejki, sera, wcierki czy toniki stosowałam także różnego rodzaju suplementy – w formie tabletek, kapsułek, płynów. Tym raz wypróbowałam coś wyjątkowo smacznego -  żelki, które dbają o włosy! Do tej pory widziałam żelki w aptece jako witaminy dla maluchów.  Jako, że uwielbiam żelki, chętnie „zajadałam” się Misiami na Zdrowe Włosy od Noble Health. Wiele z Was pytało mnie na Instagramie o efekty kuracji, dlatego też dziś opiszę Wam moje wrażenia po zakończonej kuracji. On my way to beautiful hair I reached for different solutions - in addition to classic care products like masks and conditioners, oils, serum, embrocations or tonics I...

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Ways to Invest in Yourself and why is it so powerful?


Parents and grandparents always told me to invest in my education because it will always pay off. My aunt said that the most important are foreign languages, and my beautiful friend said that it is worth to take care of yourself and your body, because beautiful  people have easier lifes. It follows that there is nothing more valuable than simply investing in yourself. Even if profits come late, it is worth to invest and harvest crops later. It doesn’t matter whether it be learning new skills, professional development , nurturing your talents, or simply taking care of yourself and your health. On the internet I found great quote: “If you want to invest in something with minimum risk and a...

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Normality, please don’t go.


By running a fashion blog, you feel the pressure of being fashionable. Ok, maybe pressure is not a right word. I like to be trendy, I always liked. But the pressure is on being trendy, not even know all the trends, but not to be hypocrite and  wear them. Well, how to write about fur flip flops  and combining polka dots with flowers and metallic belt and at the same time choose  simple jeans and white t-shirt or black uniform. They say : the shoemaker’s children are ill-shod;) And such is my today’s outfit, because it's hard to call it  styling. It is boring  and totally "not fashionable", but it is 200% me – I ‘m normal, boring, predictable and...

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In a trap of thinking patterns

ralph lauren

I was sitting in a café at the corner and I was sipping a huge caramel latte. It probably has  thousand calories, but I had to get warm on this cool, but spring morning. It was just one of those days when I was dreaming about vacations and  I took a few days off to arrange some things for which I usually don’t have time and next I started missing active day at work. I finished last chapter of the book and I started staring at world around me. An elegant man about 40 years old, probably a manager in a large company, drank an espresso in a hurry, put in his belongings to a leather briefcase and went out...

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My spring essentials

sudio sweden earphones

This year combining spring clothes is really easy for me. For a long time, I have been creating very simple base wardrobe which will help me to survive and make me satisfied not only for one season. With oncoming spring I only add some new accessories, some gadgets and the base which I already have :) What is on my spring essentials list? Check it !  W tym roku kompletowanie wiosennej garderoby jest dla mnie naprawdę łatwe. Od dłuższego czasu tworzę bardzo prostą, bazową zawartość szafy, która pomoże mi przetrwać w zadowoleniu nie tylko jeden sezon, dlatego wraz ze zmianą pory roku wymieniam tylko akcesoria, kilka gadżetów, a bazę po prostu już mam :) Co znajduje się zatem na mojej wiosennej...

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Renewal of the skin, hair and nails with the Premium Collagen 5000


Beauty comes from within – people say but I think it doesn’t only refer to our beautiful soul. In my opinion - our beauty is related to the condition of our body. Even if our makeup bag is bursting at the seams, and we conscientiously apply the most expensive cosmetics, it’s not enough because  if we don’t take care of healthy inside, we won’t achieve satisfactory results. Beautiful skin depends on healthy diet, and it’s good when it contains  supplements. One of such supplements is collagen. Several times, I used cosmetics with addition of collagen, also  pure collagen used externally or collagen in tablets. I was satisfied with the results so this time I reached for nutricosmetic Premium Collagen5000, which...

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How to make your work outfit more interesting and fun?


When I started working for corporation  - I actually did an internship while studying, I was young and I admit it took me a long time to create appropriate business attire which at the same time allowed  me to express my personality. Most office  clothes were good for slightly older women, or they were so boring that I could only wear them for a job interview. They weren’t good for morning mirror selfie  on Instagram with #ootd (Aside from the fact, that when I started working Instagram hasn’t existed yet;)). Wearing an office uniform quickly became boring and tiring for me and I wanted to add some touch of smart coolness to my office style. So I decided that to...

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