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One simple rule how to declutter your mind

yoins sweater

Sometimes the amount of information makes me feel like my head is going to explode. I focus on trifles, I notice "everything" and then accumulation of these little things makes that I can’t  focus on something productive, because there is a mess in my mind , chaos and millions of small unimportant thoughts are in my head. You can go crazy;) Or have concentration problems ;) How to get rid of it? Katrina Mayer said : “Clutter isn’t just in your home, attic, garage or office. Clutter’s also in your mind and distracts you from doing the amazing things you’re meant to do”. Well, hard not to agree :). Czasami ilość informacji, która do mnie dociera sprawia, że moja głowa omal...

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Co dzień nowy kolor oczu z Dom Soczewki. SoczewkiTruBlends One-Day Rainbow Pack


Reportedly, Mother Nature knows best what is the best for us and it's hard to disagree. Failed dyeing experiments are the evidence. However, woman always wants to check everything, otherwise she wouldn’t be herself. Of course, we, women, like Mother Nature  also "know better";) I must admit that I always wanted to have dark eyes and hair. Probably because I have blue eyes and blond hair. It’s easy to change hair colour, so when I was mature enough for this decision I started dye my hair regularly (but I’m thinking about return to nature ;)) When it comes to eye colour it’s a little bit more complicated - but are you sure? Permanently - yes. But for one moment? With one...

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Fall is coming! A few things which help me survive fall: cardigan


End of summer really pampered us. But I have no illusions -  last days showed that warm days are gone for good. I don’t like cold weather, but there is something magical in fall, something that I don’t despair when it’s time to say goodbye to warm weather. Why? Here are few reasons why I can’t wait for fall: Sweaters – is there anyone who doesn’t like sweaters? Turtlenecks, sweater dresses, off shoulder sweaters, fluffy sweaters, sweaters with braids, bright sweaters like autumn leaves, cardigans –all of them are beautiful ! I must admit, that I like buying sweaters and dresses the most. Today I want to show you sweater from the store, which got me in the autumn mood...

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I was finishing my chicken salad and drinking green smoothie with my nose stuck in a criminal novel written by  C. Lackberg. Suddenly, I heard voices and laughter of women sitting at the table next to me. They probably work in a neighboring office building, because I see them regularly at lunch time. "- Ana, you are again with that lunch box? Just don’t change yourself into Chodakowska (Polish fitness guru), because you’ll have face like a horse "- one of the women giggled maliciously. Ana with the box hunched and explained nervously - "me as  Chodakowska ?,  I just want to lose 5 kg ...

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off shoulder top

Do you know what phrase connects women around the world? "I have nothing to wear";) You have more and more new clothes in your closet every season but you still have the same problem: what to wear? One way that helps me with this morning dilemma is to prepare  clothes night before. This method saves a lot of my time in the morning and allows me to drink my morning coffee or read a short chapter in the book. Sometimes, however, I have unexpected meeting or I have a problem with choosing clothes for the next day so to avoid leaving home in pajamas or tracksuit, I reach for my save "uniform" -  white blouse and jeans! Depending on accessories...

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