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5 Benefits of Going Offline for one Day (and how to unplug)

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During last long weekend, I realized how good it is to take a break from computer, internet and  phone for one or two days. Simply- digital detox;) Of course, I wanted to work during those  few days off, but I decided to leave my laptop at home, and I took only iPad with me, because  I wanted to prepare some posts for the next days. But spending time with my fiancé , totally offline, outside, sipping coffee on the terrace, listening to the birds singing was a bigger pleasure  than sipping coffee and sitting with my phone or laptop. So for 5 days, I took little detox from technology;) At first it wasn’t easy, but on the second day I...

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8 benefits of swimming


Swimming is probably one of the most enjoyable ways to lose weight and to take care of your body and constitution. In addition, you can swim all year round, whatever the weather . What's more, not only does swimming care about your weight, but also about your beauty:)  Some time ago on my blog  I wrote you about my diet (here you can find the post about the OXY diet), and you have been asking me a lot of questions lately  about my physical activity. Besides exercises at home, I try to swim  2-3 times a week. Why do I like swimming so much? I'm going to present you 8 benefits of  swimming;) Pływanie to chyba jeden z najprzyjemniejszych sposobów na...

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Why It’s Okay To Fail And How To Learn From It


Nobody's perfect. When you stumble, the best thing that you can do is to pick yourself up and get back on the track. It’s normal that you make mistakes and that you have problems in achieving your goals, but it’s important to learn from your mistakes and be on the rise thanks to your failure . I learned for example that clothes from the store Romwe are nice, but quite short and I should pay more attention to the size chart. Photos from today's post are a proof . Of course, this isn’t my only failure;) I’m not going to tell you about all of  them .I’ll tell you only about one that was the most painful and which came...

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Karma. What goes around comes around


When I was a child I read fairy tales where good fights evil, and I believed that, just as in  fairy tales where good princess wins the prince, castle and the sympathy of the people, just as in life - good people will be rewarded.  Bad people shared the same or similar fate as villains from fairy tales - loneliness, ugliness or eternal suffering. So when my teenage neighbour maliciously stubbed out his cigarette on my knee, I was so embittered by his vice, that I wished him all the worst. Of course, I was hoping that he will experience terrible  tragedy similar to mine, you know,  he will smash his bike, his favourite teddy will lose an eye (I...

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OXY diet – hyper protein

oxy dieta

The most frequently asked questions on my blog, in your e- mails or on Instagram are questions about my physical activity and diet. When it comes to my sports activities, I like swimming (I’m creating a separate post about swimming). I also like working out  at home, but I don’t do regular, intensive trainings. I exercise rather to find a moment for myself, to liven up and to feel better than maintain low body weight. Anyway, I have always taken the line that you can get slim silhouette mainly  thanks to the diet, and physical activity is only an addition. Jednym z najczęściej zadawanych przez Was pytań na moim blogu, w wiadomościach lub na Instagramie są pytania dotyczące mojej aktywności fizycznej...

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Biały uśmiech z Bright White

bright white

Biały uśmiech to zdecydowanie najpiękniejsza ozdoba każdej z nas. To czy nasze zęby są śnieżnobiałe jak na reklamach past do zębów odpowiada kolor naszej kości, ale odpowiednia higiena oraz specjalne zabiegi są w stanie usunąć osady i przebarwienia, co sprawia, że nasz uśmiech jest jaśniejszy. Lubię się uśmiechać, dlatego też biel zębów jest dla mnie bardzo ważna. Co dzień wypijam bardzo duże ilości mocnej herbaty oraz czarnej kawy, które mogą powodować ciemny osad i postanowiłam odświeżyć biel moich zębów. Z pomocą przyszedł mi zestaw wybielający Bright White. White smile is definitely the most beautiful adornment. Your snow-white teeth like in toothpaste commercials depend on the colour of your bones, but proper hygiene and special treatments can help you to remove stains...

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5 life changes to make this spring

Spring is just around the corner, and like every year, it’s a perfect time to implement spring changes in your life. When flowers are blooming it’s also time for women to blossom. Today, I have prepared some issues that you can consider to change or improve your life this season. Trivial and obvious, but I think it’s worth reminding about such obvious things . Warning! If you apply this - success and happiness are guaranteed! ;). Will you dare? ;) Właśnie zawitała do nas wiosna, i jak co roku,  jest to idealny czas żeby wdrożyć w życie wiosenne zmiany. Kiedy kwiaty zaczynają nieśmiało rozkwitać, to także czas, abyś i Ty rozkwitła. Dzisiaj mam kilka kwestii, które możesz rozważyć, aby zmienić lub...

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Catch the moment. Look and soak up.


 Every day I try to find even a little while to relax. Not only physically; I mean "cleaning" my mind of negative thoughts, just cherish a moment. Without phone in my hand, without nose stuck to  a computer screen. Just breathe, change something in myself, look into the eyes of my loved ones. Na co dzień staram się znaleźć choć małą chwilę, aby odpocząć. Nie tylko fizycznie; mam na myśli „czyszczenie” głowy ze złych myśli, po prostu celebrowanie chwili. Bez telefonu w ręce, bez nosa wlepionego w monitor komputera. Odetchnąć, zmienić coś w sobie, spojrzeć w oczy bliskich. Water calms me down the most. It's sound and  uniform motion. When I sit on a seashore,  I no longer receive external stimuli such as noise, conversations or...

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New eye color with color contact lenses


If I had a good eyesight,  probably I wouldn’t have used color contact lenses. However, I wear contact lenses almost every day so I decided to give a way to temptation and see myself with a different eye color. At first, I’ve tried contact lenses that gently change my eye colour. The truth is that, this type of contact lenses rather deepen your natural eyes color than actually change it. There are many different types of contact lenses in the market, so I decided to tell you more about colored contact lenses and show you how the Ciba Vision Fresh Look Dimensions contact lenses in the Carribean Aqua colour look like.  Available in  HERE. Gdyby nie spora wada wzroku, pewnie nigdy nie sięgnęłabym...

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