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How to wear feline eyewear?


When almost 10 years ago came the day when I had to go to work, where  a formal dress code was required and  in my mind's eye I saw  a "woman’s suit". I thought - "Over my dead body"  and  I started to think how to combine stiff and formal look with a dose of femininity and coquetry. That’s why to work I usually wore  "business", pencil style dresses but  I chose  delicate and feminine colours. The perfect example of such dress is a dress from my today's makeover. I combined it with beige classic and subdued accessories – high heels and  large bag, which can fit in all business documents and other women’s stuff. And there is a little gadget that makes the whole makeover looks more...

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I like high heels, even these the highest. I think that they don’t  have to be uncomfortable, of course, if they have padded insole and flexible sole. But when I got my foot inside of espadrilles for the first time, I felt almost like I was barefoot! They are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn by far. They are even more comfortable than my beloved Converse.  Coco Chanel said: "Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury". I think that's true. Comfortable shoes have a big influence, for example on our mood. For sure some of you had situations when after one hour, you were dying  to get off your uncomfortable shoes and suddenly even sale up to 90% off wasn’t a big temptation ;). Unless it was...

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Black & white


 I  repeatedly showed you on my blog white, black or just white and black makeovers (e.g. HERE and HERE and HERE). I can’t help it - I love these two colours. I agree with Coco Chanel’s opinion : "the best color in the  whole world is the one that looks good on you." So I'm not going to give up  white or black colour. Besides I feel really good in these colours which is another key to success because Vera Wang ( an American fashion designer ) said : “A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her clothes”. How not to love black & white? J Na moim blogu wielokrotnie pokazywałam Wam stylizacje w bieli, czerni lub po prostu biało czarne (np. TU i TU...

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Flawless skin in 3 steps with Lily Lolo. Soft make up perfect for summer.


Makijaż, który przetrwa upały i nie spłynie pod wpływem 35 stopniowego upału? Czy to w ogóle możliwe?  Najlepszy makijaż na upały? W niektórych sytuacjach na pewno najlepszym rozwiązaniem jest brak makijażu;) Ale nie zawsze możemy sobie na to pozwolić lub po prostu chcemy nadal wyglądać najpiękniej;) Mam kilka produktów, które pozwolą nam cieszyć się piękną, świeżą skórą bez względu na temperaturę :) Latem rezygnuję z ciężkich i kryjących podkładów. Ich miejsce  zajmowały do tej pory podkłady mineralne. Moim faworytem w tej kategorii jest podkład mineralny Lily Lolo, który opisałam Wam w TYM poście. Niedawno odkryłam jeszcze kilka świetnych produktów również  firmy Lily Lolo, które razem idealnie sprawdzają się w dni kiedy temperatura sięga powyżej 30 stopni. 3 produkty, które pozwolą Wam uzyskać ujednoliconą, lekko rozświetloną cerę to: krem BB, puder sypki Flawless silk...

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Total White look – how to wear white + GIVEAWAY


White from head to toe. First association that comes (I’m sure it’s not only my association) to my mind is a wedding dress. Alternatively doctor’s white coat or bakers workwear. But today I’m not going to write you about uniforms or wedding dresses (even that this subject is particularly close to me now). Today’s post is about total white look, which you can wear every day. At the end you can also find prize-giving. J.  Biel od stop do głów. Pierwsze skojarzenia które przychodzą (pewnie nie tylko mnie) na myśl to suknia ślubna. Ewentualnie lekarski kitel lub strój roboczy piekarza. Ale dziś nie będzie ani o roboczych uniformach ani o sukniach ślubnych (choć ta tematyka jest mi ostatnio szczególnie bliska).  Dziś będzie o białym total looku, i to takim, który możemy...

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Urban jungle – how to survive heat in the city?


Shorts, strap camisole vest, flip-flops – a lot of people are waiting all year to finally wear this set. Personally, despite I’m an extremely thermophilic person, I get chills from thinking of go out in that outfit. I love shorts and narrow spaghetti straps (it’s one of the strongest trends this season), I don’t mind flip-flops as well. However, combination of these elements together I associate with  gardening or beach clothes. I can’t imagine this combination in urban landscape. Completely not. Unfortunately summer season not always is just about beach, sea and drinks. So how to survive heat and don’t look like a tourist who got lost trying to find a way to the hotel from the beach ? There are several ways J. Let me be your guide ;) Szorty, bluzeczka na ramiączkach, klapki...

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Reasons to love summer


  During the last weekend, I realized that I love summer very ,very much! I feel happy during this period, I have a lot of energy and I work with double force. Today's makeover is simple and "modest" because I'm just wearing a bikini. My bikini is from the shop SWIMIS. If you still haven’t found the perfect bikini - check HERE. Podczas ostatniego weekendu uświadomiłam sobie, że tak bardzo, bardzo kocham lato, czuję się w tym okresie szczęśliwa, mam mnóstwo energii i działam ze zdwojona mocą. Dzisiejsza stylizacja jest prosta i „skromna”, bo mam na sobie zaledwie bikini. Moje pochodzi ze sklepu SWIMIS. Jeśli jeszcze nie znaleźliście idealnego bikini – sprawdźcie TUTAJ.  Mam dla Was niespodziankę - po wpisaniu kodu EVE10LINE otrzymacie 10% rabat na ten i inne stroje. Kupon łączy...

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Tanning with Vita Liberata


Summer without sun and tanning? It’s simply unimaginable for me .I love when my sun-kissed skin gets golden colour in the summer. I also love when warm rays of the sun caress my skin. I also know that tanning is harmful both for skin and health. Therefore, for several years I have been using filters and I don’t expose myself to the sun. ...

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Made with love – 5 sings you’ve found your passion


My today's makeover is very simple,  I would even say  banal - just dress, high heels, discreet jewellery. But take a closer look and you will see something more in my makeover - dress it’s not slapdash. Maybe because I made it by myself (and  all activities related to devising the project, choosing fabric or realisation of the project make me feel happy  and  it’s very exciting for me ), shoes HERE  are also no ordinary - just look at this beautiful lace! This charming handmade jewellery is created by Arcy-dziełka.  Steve Jobs ( who was an American pioneer of the personal computer revolution of the 1970s and founder of Apple Inc. ) said: “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way...

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