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My March Favorites(Nike Air max, basic sweatshirts, Versace Woman, polka dot tights and YouTube channels )

tommy hilfiger

  Every time I write a post about my favorites, I realize that time passes so fast! Although March is longer than February, I have the impression that it passed even faster than the shortest month - February. There aren’t too many favorites this month, because I must admit that a lot has happened in my life and in such a rush I usually don’t have time to discover new things;) Za każdym razem kiedy zabieram się za post o ulubieńcach uświadamiam sobie jak ten czas szybko leci! Mimo, że marzec jest dłuższy od lutego, mam wrażenie, że minął mi jeszcze szybciej niż najkrótszy miesiąc - luty. Nie będzie w tym miesiącu zbyt wielu ulubieńców, bo muszę przyznać, że sporo się działo,...

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5 life improvements I have recently implemented in my life


The best thing in your life is that you hold the reins and you’re the captain of your ship of life. You can control the route, choose a course or let the wind steer your ship;) Of course, you can’t always control everything, but you can make many decisions that affect where you will get. I always try to get conclusions from my mistakes and stumbles and implement them to my life to make it happier and healthier. I don’t believe in resignation and I don’t content myself with half-measures for a long time. I believe in finding things that make me happier. And that's why I have recently implemented a few improvements that are so simple that I can't...

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Wardrobe metamorphosis for spring – 8 tricks, which will allow you to sell your clothes you don’t need


Spring sun gives me energy and strength and I start feeling the need to refresh my complexion, I do housework and wardrobe cleaning. In case of tidying in the wardrobe, I unwillingly throw away my clothes. Especially that most of my clothes are things worn only one or two times, so they look like new . I regularly give a lot of my clothes to charity containers or to orphanage. However, I spent a lot of money on my clothes, so it's a pity to get rid of them and they just "rest" in my wardrobe. With time, it turns out that it is not my color or I do not feel good in such cut. The sense of such...

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NKD SKN – odrobina słońca w środku zimy


  I feel nostalgic when I look at my holidays pictures and I see sunset on the beach and my golden skin. If I cannot go for vacation in hot countries in the middle of winter, then at least I try to restore my skin holiday glow. I always reach for self-tanning and bronzing products. I have recently tried some new cosmetics- organic self-tanner in mousse. I was intrigued by its natural composition and the promise that the product was deprived of an unpleasant smell. If you are curious about the effects of this self-tanner - I invite you to read rest of the post. Z rozmarzeniem oglądam moje wspomnienia z wakacji i wzdycham do zachodów słońca na plaży i złocistej rozgrzanej...

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7 fashionable dresses this spring


  Can’t you look forward spring too? My spring wardrobe, full of pastels and bright colors is ready and waiting for warm days. If I buy one more new airy dress now, then maybe the warm days would come faster? Anyway, you can always wear a sweater on it. After all, cardigans worn with airy maxi dresses are now one of the hottest trends;) In the matter of dresses in fashion will be light, maxi length, colors and patterns. Trendy will be: plaid (vichy), floral (large flowers), star, airy and romantic, princess-style dresses and shiny and transparent models. You will also find asymmetrical cuts. Such models soon will be the hottest. Czy Wy też nie możecie się już doczekać wiosny? Moja wiosenna garderoba,...

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Błyszczące włosy z Octowymi kosmetykami Barwa

barwa octowa

Pamiętam, że kiedy spędzałam czas u babci, ta radziła mi, abym po umyciu włosów płukała je w wodzie z dodatkiem octu. Przyznaję - blask włosów po takim zabiegu był niesamowity. Jednak jestem tak leniwa, że bieganie do kuchni bo butelkę octu i przygotowywanie roztworu po prostu przerasta mnie;) W czerwcu miną już dwa lata odkąd nie farbuję włosów i pomimo, że są w super kondycji, to niestety - blask jaki daje farba (nawet na zniszczonych włosach) nijak ma się do naturalnych włosów, które zwykle mają mniej pigmentu i wyglądają na bardziej matowe. Kiedy w moje ręce wpadła seria octowa Barwy pomyślałam, że zaryzykuję. Kosmetyki te są inspirowane domowym zabiegiem płukania włosów naturalnych i matowych octem jabłkowym, który przywraca włosom połysk...

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My favorite everyday uniform (and why is worth having your own signature uniform)

na-kd fashion

I admit that when I think back to my early adulthood, I see my wardrobe full of clothes in every color of the rainbow, in every possible cut and style. Of course, despite the enormous amount of clothes, I had the eternal "I have nothing to wear" problem. I think many of you have a similar problem;) Today, in my wardrobe there are less clothes, colors are more unified, it is also hard to see all possible cuts and it is much easier to choose what to wear. Although, there are days when I stand in front of my wardrobe and I totally have no idea what to wear . However, when it comes to the outfit, which I can...

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Specialist skin care by Synchroline


I always say that skincare is more important to me than makeup, because colorful cosmetics look better on the healthy skin and in addition, proper care can inhibit skin aging process and it will pay off in the future. I like to reach for specialist products and dermocosmetics because their action is strong. The Synchroline brand creates dermocosmetics for those who are struggling with various skin problems, and the offer contains products for acne, capillaries, dry skin, discolorations and rosacea. I reached for products from 3 different lines: with vitamin C, anti-acne and anti-discoloration. First review is about the face cleansing gel - cosmetic without which I can’t imagine my morning and evening care. I really like the multi-stage makeup removal...

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Spring trends 2018 (my subjective top trends)

nakd fashion

As every year, I really like some of the trends, a few trends are completely neutral, and some seem absurd to me;) Today I’m going to present you those which I like and that I want to smuggle to my everyday outfits. When I search for trends, at first I usually look at photos from world fashion shows, then pinterest and instagram. Fashionable girls from instagram stay ahead of trends and they have all these must-have-s in their wardrobes long time before. On their profiles you can easily find photos with clear boots, tulle dresses or purple sweaters. Will these clothes find a place in my wardrobe? Jak co roku, część trendów bardzo przypadła mi do gustu, kilka trendów jest mi zupełnie...

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Hania Beauty – lip scrub

hania beauty

Few years ago, lip scrub was unnecessary for me. Lip massage with a soft toothbrush from time to time was enough for me , but nowadays, when I often use matte lipsticks, scrub is my first-aid cosmetic. We have a lot of lip balms on the market but when it comes to lip scrubs the choice isn’t big and some of them have very high prices. For a long time I was using the Evree scrub, which I like very much and which is cheap and easily accessible, but when I found out that Hania is planning to create its own line of lip scrubs - I knew that I will leave Evree scrub;) O ile kilka lat temu peeling do...

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