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Current face care from (Alkemie, Clochee, Cell Fusion C)

When it comes to make-up I'm rather loyal to cosmetics - I rarely change them. When it comes to my face or body care, I also have such favorite cosmetics which I use non-stop, and which I even have in reserve in case they unexpectedly finish. However, I also like to change my care and try new things, because also my skin needs changes. Some time ago I watched a youtube video of dermatologist, Dr. Sura, about the frequent change of cosmetics and she cited results of the studies which show that people who change their cosmetics had better skin condition than those that are faithful to one set of cosmetics. When I run a blog where I focus on...

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My May Favorites (Fabiola handbag, Ivanka Trump sunglasses, Striped dresses from Answear, Tommy Hilfiger espadrilles, Hania Beauty brush soap)


May surprised me (probably not only me;)) with beautiful weather. I didn't expect that during long weekend in May there will be such high temperatures and I didn't believe when next days were also so sunny . I don't hide that I love warmth and summer atmosphere, even in spring, so I was extremely happy and I enjoyed these May days as much as possible enjoyed. When it comes to my favorites - I must admit that I still have some favorite gadgets, cosmetics or pieces of clothing from previous months, but there are some new items. Let's start! Maj zaskoczył mnie (chyba nie tylko mnie;)) przepiękną pogodą. Nie spodziewałam się, że majówka upłynie nam w tak wysokich temperaturach i nie...

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Moda z brzuszkiem – co warto mieć w swojej ciążowej garderobie oraz czego nie warto kupować


Time of pregnancy is a unique state for a woman - the feeling of euphoria and waiting for a miracle that is under your heart. All of that gives wings. Pregnancy hormones often give extreme emotions. And a lot of changes, changes and changes - from the most important ones - that you are no longer responsible only for yourself, changes related to lifestyle, diet and appearance. No matter how fit mum -to -be you are , sooner or later, bigger belly will make difficult to wear your favorite jeans;) Therefore, I think that well state of being, both physical and appearance is very important. I am glad that currently pregnant women have the opportunity to look really sexy, because...

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6 Ways to Pamper Yourself During Pregnancy


Even If you are experiencing pregnancy glow and everyone tells you that you look beautiful, and you have twice as much energy, there are also such days when pregnancy can take its toll and show its dark side. Fortunately, I don’t have many pregnancy ailments, and I hope that I will avoid them till the end;) But I would not be a real woman if I didn't bury and despise: D Well, you have a great reason to do it, and above all, you deserve to pamper yourself. So here's my list of ways how I pamper myself: Nawet jeśli błogosławiony czas dodaje ciążowego blasku i z każdej strony słyszy się jak kwitnąco się wygląda, a poziom energii faktycznie odpowiada dwupakowi...

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Korean face care in a Polish way with Bielenda cosmetics.


For the first time I heard about Asian care techniques and its principles many years ago when my skin had nothing to do with how it looks now and in desperation I absorbed knowledge from the internet, which would help my complexion return to normal condition. Then I found out about BB creams (which have nothing to do with creams available in drugstores, e.g. Garnier), about the importance of sun protection, snail slime, skin whitening, etc. In the end, I gave up testing Korean miracles, my skin returned to normal condition and after many years I discovered " The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin " - a book that certainly most of the...

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REMEMBER: Consult a doctor, to make sure that any exercise you want to do is not harmful for you or your baby Well - I'm ashamed to admit it, but unfortunately I've never been a typical fit girl. Gym clothes were suppose to motivate me to visit the gym regularly, but after a few trainings, I preferred to choose a book and warm blanket instead of physical activity. However, when I found out that I’m pregnant, I decided that I will definitely be fit in pregnancy. And just as during my whole life it was difficult for me to mobilize myself for a regular physical activity, so the little baby motivated me to exercise. In the end, I don’t do it only...

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6 months with my loved one

6month pregnant

25 weeks. 6 months. Half a year. I thought that half a year was a long time. During that time, you can certainly make friends, settle in a new place, get used to the new situation. That's how long our relationship lasts. I love you from the very first moment. I think I loved you even before you appeared. I just waited, like a girl is waiting for her prince for her whole life. I hope that you will also welcome me with such love and you will also like me. Because you know, even though I have not seen you yet, I know that you will be the most beautiful creature for me. Of course I have some concepts...

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Ulubieńcy kwietnia (Buty GANT i zniżka do, książka „I że Cię nie opuszczę”, kremy do rąk Fruity Jungle, choker, PHYTO Paris, Vita Liberata)


Jak zwykle w przypadku ulubieńców miesiąca - zanim zdążę się obejrzeć, następny miesiąc za mną. Czy tylko mi czas płynie tak szybko? Co każdy wtorek moja aplikacja na telefonie informuje mnie o kolejnym tygodniu ciąży, a ja z przerażeniem orientuję się, że czas mija mi coraz szybciej i szybciej. Dlatego dziś szybko, krótko i na temat. Ulubieńców jest niewiele, ale są naprawdę świetne! Zapraszam do przeglądu moich comiesięcznych umilaczy :) bluzka/ blouse spodnie/jeans H&M mama buty/shoes GANT via torebka/bag zegarek/watch Viceroy bransoletka i naszyjnik/bracelet and necklace pierścionek/ring 1) Sandały na koturnie GANT z Te sandałki skradły moje serce i jak tylko zrobiło sie ciepło nie rozstawałam się z nimi. Najbardziej lubię je łączyć z jeansem i bielą. Moim zdaniem...

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Bielenda Highlight & Contour


How to rejuvenate your face in 3 seconds? It's very simple - just a bit of glow on the top of the cheekbones, eyebrows, over the lips, touch of pink shade on the cheeks and next give the skin a bit of color thanks to which your skin looks like sun kissed skin . This effect is very easy to achieve thanks to the Bielenda HIGHLIGHT & CONTOUR face trio. These are three liquid cosmetics (in the colors : Peach, Pink, Bronze), with which we can light up, highlight, cover, enlarge or make slimmer the individual parts of your face (and body;)). Jak odmłodzić buzię w 3 sekundy? To bardzo proste - wystarczy odrobina blasku na szczytach kości policzkowych, na łukach brwiowych,...

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