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Co spakować do torby do szpitala?


Packing a hospital bag is a topic that probably every future mother starts thinking about when the date of delivery is coming. The midwife recommended us to prepare everything in 34 week and be ready. Because I very often travel so from 36 week I had a hospital bag in my car - just in case;) Fortunately, I didn't have to use this option, but I'm glad I had it ready - it gave me a sense of calm and sense of safety. We all know - additional stress definitely isn’t good for future mother. The first thing that we need to remember is that each hospital follows its rules and requirements for a "layette" to the hospital. There are hospitals...

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Flying in pregnancy -yes or no?

podróże w ciąży

Flying in pregnancy, especially in advanced state of pregnancy, is a very controversial topic. What's more, those who don't travel or have no medical knowledge usually say a lot in that matter;) Of course, I would like to point out that I'm also not a traveller (my travels are quite short business trips and typically holiday flights), or a medical expert (everything I’m writing today, I learned from my gynaecologist who is watching over my pregnancy and from the blog However, I have recently struggled with surprised faces of people who were scaring me and trying convince me that it’s a bad idea and had "good advice" when they heard that I have a flight at the end of...

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How to organize a baby shower party for a future mother?


A baby shower literally "rain of presents" for a baby. In the USA, England or Australia, a baby shower party is very popular, in Poland it is also more and more popular. Gentlemen have their "pępkowe” party, and for moms is other party, in Poland sometimes called "bociankowe" party. I must admit that many people I talked to were very surprised and I had to explain what a baby shower is. Most people celebrate the birth of a child, not just the fact of waiting for a baby. Personally, I think that the joy of birth is unimaginably great, but also a new role of mother can be stressful and overwhelming at first, so fresh moms don’t think about organizing...

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My last days of pregnancy


When few months ago I was wondering how the ending of my pregnancy will look like, I thought that the summer time is perfect for those last days with a huge belly - there is no problem with thick clothes or heavy winter boots. You simply put on an airy dress and flip-flops, and the summer weather favors walking and makes easier to be active during pregnancy and after giving a birth. Friends, however, described this time, especially in the summer very dramatically: swollen legs, back pain, lying on the sofa, because of lack of strength, it's hard to move. Probably some women fell like that during pregnancy and I feel really sorry for that but I luckily didn’t have to...

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Kosmetyki BIOTANIQE w mojej codziennej pielęgnacji


Jakiś czas temu opisywałam na blogu świetne kosmetyki do oczyszczania skóry marki Biotaniqe KLIK. Lubię wracać do tego, co dobrze się u mnie sprawdza, ale jeszcze bardziej uwielbiam testować nowości;) A jeśli znana i lubiana przeze mnie marka wypuszcza coś nowego, sięgam po to z jeszcze większą przyjemnością. I tak odkryłam kilka godnych polecenia kosmetyków. Zacznę od produktu oczyszczającego, bo to produkty, których w mojej łazience jest najwięcej i których zużywam najwięcej. Nie przywiązuję się bardzo do płynów czy żeli oczyszczających, więc prawie zawsze sięgam po coś innego. Jakiś czas temu pierwszy raz miałam do czynienia z płynem micelarnym w formie żelu i całkiem miło wspominam oczyszczanie w taki sposób. Some time ago, I wrote you about great cleansing cosmetics on my blog...

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Bye bye Wroclaw, bye bye my tummy


When I’m writing this post I’m sitting in a hammock and enjoying the view of greenness, smell of freshly cut grass and the sound of wind chimes. I stroke my round tummy which looks like a watermelon and I wonder if the convexity which I feel is my little son's feet, knee or tiny heel. When you read this entry I'm already out of Wroclaw, and photos with Wroclaw in the background are definitely the last photos from this city on my blog. In all probability, these are also last pictures with my tummy, because when we were taking them, I was at the end of the 38th week of pregnancy. Admittedly my little son still has 2 or even 4...

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Pros and cons of being pregnant


In the face of a new life growing in your body, each inconvenience of pregnancy is trifle. Even if we think for a moment about the fact that we can't wear favorite jeans or pencil skirt, but we feel the kick of our beloved child, we immediately forget about wasp waist. I must admit that despite of 38th week of my pregnancy, I feel great and my son is still kind to me, because I don't have pregnancy ailments, but I wouldn't be a typical woman (and Polish girl;)) if I didn't complain a little bit: D But I didn't forget about advantages. Are you curious why I think it is worth being pregnant? I invite you to read the...

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Kod dla pięknej i zdrowej skóry – SKINCODE


Niedawno świętowałam urodziny mojego bloga, a także swoje, ale od czasu kiedy przekroczyłam 30-tkę, zamiast koncentrować się na tym ile mam lat, bardziej skupiam się na tym, żeby zadbać o kondycję mojej skóry;) Dlatego też od kilku lat, aby zapobiegać przedwczesnemu starzeniu się skóry i wybieram dla siebie kosmetyki o działaniu już nie tylko nawilżającym, ale też przeciwzmarszczkowym. Nie ukrywam, że oprócz skutecznego działania, bardzo cenię sobie kiedy kosmetyki są także luksusowe - zarówno w swojej konsystencji, opakowaniach, jak i w doskonałym składzie. Tak odkryłam kosmetyki SKINCODE - szwajcarskie luksusowe kosmetyki stworzone we współpracy ze szwajcarskimi dermatologami, którzy czuwali nad doborem składników w terapeutycznej ilości. Dzięki temu mamy pewność, że kosmetyki zapewnią nam efektywne działanie. Sama nazwa marki SKINCODE sugeruje,...

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Knock knock, Baby! How to contact with your unborn baby in your belly.


Talking to a newborn baby or talking to a baby in a pram during walking doesn't seem like something extremely strange, but talking to your own belly, even pretty big, can be slightly weird. But how not to contact with your unborn baby for 9 months? ;) Certainly every mum – to – be wonders if a baby feels her worry, joy, or if a baby experiences sadness and euphoria with his/ her mum? Will her voice or gentle touch calm down a baby?. And what about Dad? Does he/she hear his voice? And finally - does Mozart's music develop his/ her intellect? According to scientists, in 5th month of pregnancy he/she can hear, feel and see, and in the...

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4 facts that you do not know about me for the 4th birthday of my blog + birthday competition with great prizes


Can you believe that my blog celebrates its 4th anniversary this year? It went so fast that I still feel like I've just discovered a blogger platform, and then I moved to wordpress. And this is not the end of changes, because next are coming. Unfortunately - changes are going slowly, because I have a lot of blogging work (yes, blogging can be really time-consuming work;)), besides, in my personal life there is always something going on, so the goals and changes that I've already set long time ago, they are still waiting for implementation. But I'm patient and persistent, I am waiting for the right time, and certainly, sooner or later, the goals which I have set up will...

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